Thursday, June 21, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions (By Me)

So, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted.
First, I’ve been pretty busy with a lot of different stories. Second, I’m a little lazy because of that.
 ^Time spent not writing
As much as I like writing, when you do it day in and day out, even the fun stuff, like a blog, becomes a task and you develop sort of an aversion to it.
So that explains myself, I hope.
In any case, though I’m still a little busy and don’t have much time, I figured I could write a short and sweet one up for this week.
While working in the newsroom and talking with other staff members here, I’ve developed little, somewhat honest questions about life.
I figure I can share them with you here and, maybe, get some answers while also displaying my likely stupidity.
Here goes:
1.      Do dogs that have cancer lose their hair? (My childhood dog had stomach cancer but never got chemotherapy treatment or anything, so her hair stayed.)

2.      After discussing Nadya Suleman (Octomom) and her financial situation (stripping for food) I wondered whether you pay by the kid for invitro-fertilization, which I’ve heard is very expensive. Does the bill increase as more and more keep spilling out in the delivery room?
 That's like $750,000 worth of baby, right?

3.      Do penguins accidentally hit on other penguins’ lifemates as much as humans do?
 If I were a penguin on the dating scene, I'd totally be the one on the right pretending to see a plane.

4.      Do you have to salute the state auditor general? Curtsy? 
 Pictured, PA Auditor General Jack Wagner

Now, since I’ve posed so many questions, I’ll share one thing I’ve learned on the job.
After reading so many police reports and hearing so many stories, I’d say that 30 to 40 percent of those arrested either urinate or defecate themselves.
Even if my figures are off, it is a staggering amount.
As such, word to the wise, don’t sit down in a police station’s common area. Just don’t.

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